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An innovative EPA Certified Refrigerant Reclaimer operating nationwide

About Us

ALFA CANTOR is an EPA Certified Refrigerant Reclaimer operating nationwide - with a focus on supporting the EPA's efforts in protecting our environment by providing value to recovered refrigerants for the HVAC and refrigerant industry.

The ALFA CANTOR team comes with decades of refrigerant and industrial gases experience.  We specialize in Refrigerant Recovery Services, Refrigerant Buyback, and Refrigerant Sales (of AHRI-700 specification refrigerants).

We are not your average refrigerant buyback company, we are different in the areas that should matter to you.  We differentiate ourselves from others – through pricing, servicing and support.

  • We offer industry-leading R-22 and other refrigerant buyback prices
  • We pay for MIXED refrigerants, too, when most others shy away from them.
  • Our team members, with extensive industry knowledge, were pioneers in the HVAC contractor-focused refrigerant buyback market
  • We have established novel business processes to ensure our customers receive NON-BIASED and AHRI-Certified Lab testing of your refrigerants
  • We are able to place higher value on mixed refrigerants – due to our separation and processing capabilities
  • We continually strive for excellence in customer service – with easy interactions and fast turn-arounds
  • We have a “Local-to-You” national presence – and are able to service your needs anywhere in the USA

We have taken the best from our knowledge of the industry and markets to create the ULTIMATE BUYBACK PROGRAM.  We know what works, and what satisfies the needs of HVAC Contractors, and this forms the foundation of our Refrigerant Buyback Program.

 “I have worked with different members of the Alfa Cantor team since recovering refrigerants became profitable.  And these specific individuals are the ones that have helped me realize the value in recovered refrigerants.  They have shown me nothing but great support and excellent value (pricing). I highly recommend them !”                    Nicholas S. (Owner)


Outlined below are some of  the services we offer

Solution Providers


Cylinder Exchange

We exchange your refrigerant recovery cylinders with clean, 'in-date' cylinders, and cover all freight costs

Refrigerant Buyback

Refrigerant Buyback at INDUSTRY HIGH PRICES, with rapid payment, EPA documentation, and AHRI-certified results

R-22 Buyback

R-22 Buyback: we pay INDUSTRY HIGH PRICES, offer rapid payment, EPA documentation, along with industry-leading AHRI-certified


We BUY BACK and SELL a vast range of refrigerants, including: R-22, R-11, R-12, R-123, R-134a, R-113, R-500, R-410A ...

Recovery Refrigerant

Refrigerant Recovery Services - with in-house and industry experts - at industry leading rates for refrigerant recovery & refrigerant buyback

EPA Refrigerant Reports

As an EPA Certified Refrigerant Reclaimer, we provide accurate reports to keep you EPA compliant for ALL of your recovered refrigerants

What We Do

These are the nationwide services that ALFA CANTOR provides to the HVAC industry

AC Shirt

Refrigerant.  Exchange.  Solutions.

Anyhow.  Anyway.  Anywhere.

ALFA CANTOR is the answer to your company’s refrigerant and service needs.

We can RECOVER, BUY BACK and/or SELL any type of refrigerant, no matter the container type/size, quantity, or location.  We handle cylinder exchanges of ANY size, with freshly painted, in-date, in-vacuum, recovery cylinders.

  • Problem Solvers – Anyhow
  • Solution Finders – Anyway
  • Service Deliverers – Anywhere


We RECOVER, BUY BACK and SELL all refrigerant types.
We accept ALL refrigerant types – ANYHOW.

  • R-22, R-11, R-123, R-134a, R-12, R-500, R-502, R-113, R-114, R-410A,
  • Mixed Refrigerants
  • High and Very High Pressure Refrigerant Gases


No matter the QUANTITY.
No matter the CONTAINER or SIZE.

  • We RECOVER refrigerant out of any size system – from basement chillers to rooftop units, from low to high pressure systems
  • We BUY BACK refrigerant of any quantity, any type, in any cylinder type or size.
  • We SELL refrigerant of any type, size or volume you may need.


We are “LOCAL-TO-YOU” nationwide, with exceptional customer service.  We handle cylinder exchanges for ANY size, always with freshly-painted, in-date recovery cylinders.

We RECOVER, BUY BACK and/or SELL refrigerants anywhere in the continental USA.

Please call (817) 851-1888 and ask for a Refrigerant Specialist or email for current refrigerant pricing, refrigerant recovery, R-22 buyback and other refrigerant buyback program details.  Note we lead in R-22 Buyback, R-11 Buyback, R-134a Buyback, and so many more !

 “These guys ARE the ‘Direct-to-Contractor’ refrigerant buyback experts. It’s always a pleasure dealing with them — they’re easy to work with, and they are very responsive to my needs !” – Jason E. (Business Owner)

Customer Testimonials

  • Alfa Cantor has helped keep our company EPA compliant; with refrigerant buyback and sales, and their refrigerant recovery services. Their knowledgable and proficient team have made it hassle-free for our company.

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  • These guys are the 'Direct-to-Contractor' refrigerant buyback experts. It's always a pleasure dealing with them - they're great to work with and very responsive to my business needs and issues.

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  • We had a few tight 'windows' in which to recover refrigerants, pull a system, and install new units. Alfa Cantor exceeded expectations, with their recovery technicians, allowing us to completer the challenging project on time.

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Our Clients

Start using Alfa Cantor - and begin raking in the cash !

Don’t just settle for any wholesale supply shop or refrigerant buyback company. We're confident you're not getting the most for your used refrigerants !  All it takes is YOU contacting us to discover the highest value for your recovered refrigerants.

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    EPA Certified Reclaimer

    ALFA CANTOR is one of the fastest growing EPA Certified Refrigerant Reclaimers in the U.S.A.

    Refrigerants – Buyback & Sale

    R-22 | R-11 | R-12 | R-123
    R-134a | R-113 | R-114
    R-500 | R-502 | R-410A
    and other 400 & 500 series

    Recovery Services

    High Pressure & Low Pressure Refrigerant Recovery / Evacuation Services