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Refrigerant Buyback

Refrigerant Buyback at INDUSTRY HIGH PRICES, with rapid payment, EPA documentation, and AHRI-certified results !

Cylinder Exchange

We exchange your refrigerant recovery cylinders with clean, 'in-date' cylinders, with all freight costs covered

R-22 Buyback

R-22 Buyback: we pay INDUSTRY HIGH PRICES, offer rapid payment, EPA documentation, along with industry-leading AHRI-certified


We BUYBACK and SELL a vast range of refrigerants, including: R-22, R-11, R-12, R-123, R-134a, R-113, R-500, R-410A ...

Refrigerant Recovery

Refrigerant Recovery Services - with in-house and industry experts - at industry leading rates for refrigerant recovery and r

Refrigerant Reports

As an EPA-Certified Refrigerant Reclaimer, we provide accurate reports to keep you EPA compliant for all of your recovered re

What Our Clients Say

Alfa Cantor has helped keep our company EPA compliant; with refrigerant buy back and sales, and their refrigerant recovery services. Their knowledgable and proficient team members have made it hassle-free for us.

Thomas B.

( CEO )

These guys are the 'Direct-to-Contractor' refrigerant buyback experts. It's always a pleasure dealing with them -- they're great to work with, and very responsive to my business needs !

Ron B.

( Business Owner )

We had a few tight 'windows' in which to recover refrigerants, pull a system, and install new units. Alfa Cantor exceeded expectations, with their recovery technician, allowing us to complete the challenging project within schedule. This saved my customer time and money.

Robert S.

( Mechanical Contractor )

Recent News

ALFA CANTOR promotes Stephen Wolf & Terry Chambless

ALFA CANTOR announces promotion of Stephen Wolf and Terry Chambless. Stephen Wolf and Terry Chambless came to Alfa Cantor with extensive backgrounds in the refrigerant reclamation industry, focused on HVAC contractors nationwide. They each have deep connections in the HVAC industry, supporting companies, advising individuals, while structuring mutually beneficial deals. “Stephen and Terry have successfully

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Local-to-You – “Out with the Old, In with the New !”

It’s time to say … “Out with the Old, In with the New !“ It won’t hurt to give ALFA CANTOR a shot at buying back your old/recovered refrigerants. You will be pleasantly surprised with the New Alfa Cantor options vs. your current buyback company! We have the ALL STAR level of service you have been searching for! We

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CEO Video

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Alfa Cantor CEO Video — Hear from Anthony Haines, the CEO of ALFA CANTOR – as he describes the vision and focus of this innovative refrigerant company – dealing in R22 Buyback, Mixed Refrigerant Buyback, Refrigerant Recovery Services and Refrigerant Sales.

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Alfa Cantor – R-22 Buyback & Refrigerant Recovery experts

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Alfa Cantor can handle everything from low to very high pressure refrigerants.  They pay great prices, and give you the option of buying material as well. They specialize in R-22 Buyback, with great customer service, and phenomenal pricing. They offer R-22 buy back and other refrigerant buy back programs, as well as refrigerant recovery services

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ALFA CANTOR are the 'Direct-to-Contractor' Refrigerant Buyback Experts, and EPA Certified Reclaimer of choice! - - - "We put the AC back into Air-Conditioning"