FAQs – The AC Refrigerant Buyback Program

1. Why use Alfa Cantor for all my refrigerant needs ?
As an EPA Certified Refrigerant Reclaimer – we have the industry knowledge and capabilities to handle ANY of your refrigerant needs.  We can RECOVER, BUYBACK, RECLAIM, and SELL you refrigerant.

2. How much does the recovery cylinder cost ?
We charge a one-time, fully-refundable deposit for each recovery cylinder.

A standard 1000-lb cylinder deposit is only $750; for a 240-lb it is $250; for a 125-lb it is $200; for a 50-lb it is $90; and for a 30-lb it is $80.

3. Freight Charges?
Alfa Cantor handles ALL the freight costs to and from your location – as long as there is a minimum of 325-lbs of combined gross refrigerant weight in your recovery cylinders.

4. How can I be assured that my purity levels are accurate ?
Alfa Cantor uses AHRI-certified laboratories (the industry’s “gold standard” in testing) to analyze your refrigerant(s).

We are the R-22 Buyback & Refrigerant Buyback Experts !