Refrigerant Exchange Solutions

Anyhow. Anyway. Anywhere.

Anyhow.  Anyway.  Anywhere.

ALFA CANTOR is the answer to your company’s refrigerant and service needs.

We can RECOVER, BUY BACK and/or SELL any type of refrigerant – no matter what the container size, no matter the quantity, no matter the location.  We handle cylinder exchanges for ANY size, with freshly-painted, in-vacuum, in-date recovery cylinders.

  • Problem Solvers – Anyhow
  • Solution Finders – Anyway
  • Service Deliverers – Anywhere


We RECOVER, BUY BACK and SELL any types of refrigerant – from low to very high pressure.   We accept ALL refrigerant types – ANYHOW.

  • R-22, R-11, R-123, R-134a, R-12, R-500, R-502, R-113, R-114, R-410A,
  • Mixed Refrigerants
  • High and Very High Pressure Refrigerant Gases


No matter the QUANTITY.
No matter the CONTAINER or SIZE.

  • We RECOVER refrigerant out of any size system – from basement chillers to rooftop units, from low to high pressure systems
  • We BUYBACK refrigerant of any quantity, any type, in any cylinder type or size.
  • We SELL refrigerant of any type, size or volume you may need.


We are “LOCAL-TO-YOU” nationwide, with exceptional customer service.  We handle cylinder exchanges for ANY size, always with freshly-painted, in-date recovery cylinders.

We RECOVER, BUYBACK and/or SELL refrigerants anywhere in the continental USA.

Out with Old in with NewPlease call (817) 851-1888 and ask for a Refrigerant Specialist or email for current refrigerant pricing, refrigerant recovery, R-22 buyback and other refrigerant buyback program details.  Note we lead in R-22 Buyback, R-11 Buyback, R-134a Buyback, and so many more !