Sign Up – Refrigerant Buyback Program

Click here for the AC Refrigerant Buyback Program Sign-up PDF

Please contact ALFA CANTOR for complete R-22 Buyback and/or Other Refrigerant Buyback packets of information, including:

  • R-22 Buyback and/or  Other Refrigerant Buyback Pricing
  • Consolidation Cylinder Description(s)
  • The AC Refrigerant Buyback Agreement
  • The AC Refrigerant Buyback Program Sign-up Page (with credit card info)
  • Refrigerant Fast Transfer Diagram

Contact us at (817) 851-1888, or fax to (817) 928-4790, or email us at

We are an EPA Certified Refrigerant Reclaimer, and always ensure that your R-22 buyback or other refrigerant buyback experience is efficient, seamless and friendly!